30 Days of Thankfulness Journal Prompts

This is the time of year when everyone reminds everyone that being thankful ought to happen more than often than just this time of year. If you want to be ahead of the game, I’ve got 30 days of Thankfulness Journal Prompts to get you started both in giving thanks and the journaling habit.

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How Do You Start a Thankfulness Journal?

I am a huge advocate for journaling. Don’t believe me? Check out my post on How to Start Journaling Daily. I really believe in the benefits of it, having been a journaler all of my life. So starting a thankfulness journal is, in my opinion, an easy way to start a journal altogether.

I don’t buy fancy journals, though I do buy some fancy notebooks. In fact, there is only one specific kind of notebook that I use for journaling (you can find that here.) Side note: you can buy these notebooks at TJMaxx for half the price.

Starting a thankfulness journal is as easy as grabbing a notebook, selecting your writing utensil of choice, and expounding upon a prompt which encourages you to be thankful.

30 Days of Thankfulness Journal Prompts for the Month of November:

1.Look around and name five things that you’re thankful for that are only enjoyed during this time of year.

2. Write down the name of each member in your family and write three things about them for which you are thankful.

3. When you think of Thanksgivings past, what family tradition could you not do without.

4. What is one good thing that happened to you this week?

5. Who in your life inspired you the most?

6. Write a letter to your Creator thanking Him for the unique gifts He’s blessed you with.

7. What about your spouse are you most grateful for?

8. Name some ways you can show your gratitude to those around you for whom you are grateful.

9. What three big things transpired over the past year that has elicited the most thankfulness in you?

10. If you could keep only five personal items, what would they be and why?

11. What lesson(s) have you learned this year and why has it been important to you?

12. Consider the children who live in impoverished conditions and contemplate the blessing it is to raise your kids where you are.

13. What was a difficult time/season in your life? Write about it and about how you felt coming out on the other side of it.

14. List some character qualities you admire in others and why you’re drawn to them. How can you infuse them into your own life?

15. What three things could you do today to be the kind of mom you always wanted to be?

16. When was the last time you laughed? Write about what made you laugh, who made you laugh, and the joy that sharing a laugh brought you.

17. Describe the most beautiful scene that you have personally witnessed in nature.

18. What three things do you have that make your life easier? What would it be like without them?

19. What do you most love about the area in which you live?

20. What do you really appreciate about your life?

21. What do you really appreciate about your family?

22. What do you really appreciate about your group of friends/church community?

23. What dish is most essential for Thanksgiving (besides the turkey!) and why?

24. What about your childhood holidays do you remember most vividly, with fondness and nostalgia?

25. What are you most thankful for today?

26. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

27. Why is it important for you to keep a thankfulness journal?

28. What about your home makes it feel cozy and warm and inviting in the winter?

29. Describe your perfect “snow day” experience.

30. What are some of your biggest accomplishments and what are some of your biggest goals/dreams?

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