101 Creative and Fun Blog Post Ideas For Simple Lifestyle Bloggers

If I know anything, it’s how to write fun blog posts. In fact, it’s all I’ve ever really done considering I’ve been writing on a blog for over a decade (how old does that make me sound?), and they’ve only ever been fun hobby blogs. So, yea, when it comes to creative and fun blog post ideas, I’ve got you covered!

notebook with pen

You are a blog post ideas generator, you just don’t know it yet.

Do you ever think you don’t really know something until someone asks you a question about it, and suddenly you can’t shut up? That’s me and blogging.

I mean, I can’t tell you how to make 6 figures this year.

I can’t tell you how to go viral, or what font is the best font style to ensure your readers never leave your page.

But I can tell you some things about blogging. One of those things is this:

You have creative and fun blog post ideas in your head already, you just need to figure out how to tap into that source.

You are a living, breathing, blog post ideas generator.

If you do need some help, there really are websites dedicated to generating blog post ideas. You can go here, here, or here, to get started.

But may I encourage you to first just sit down, grab a pen, open a notebook, and start writing?

Make your own blog topics list first.

In order to properly use an ideas generator for those fun blog post ideas, you’re going to want to have some topics in mind.

Especially if you want to just use the free daily allotment without buying the whole shebang.

  1. Write your blog title.
  2. Write down your categories.
  3. And then break down each category into every possible subject you could cover within that topic.

Fun blog post ideas popping up yet?

Once you are clear on the categories that will be included in your blog, you’ll be able to curate any fun post idea to fit your specific niche.

101+ Creative and Fun Blog Post Ideas

Fun Blog Post Ideas About Blogging

  • Lessons learned from blogging
  • Roundup list of favorite bloggers in your niche
  • Blog writing tips
  • The 10 commandments of your blog
  • What makes you a unique blogger?
  • Blogging course review
  • List of the best online tools for newbie bloggers
  • List of inspiring quotes for your blog
  • Useful blogging tip you wish you’d known from the beginning
  • How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like blogging?
  • SEO tips for new bloggers
  • How to enhance creativity
  • Blogging and social media-do’s and don’ts
  • Blogging costs
  • How do you create a blog post?
  • List of blog niche ideas
  • What is your blogging schedule?
  • How to make blogging work as a busy mom
  • Why you should or should not blog
  • Blogging terms defined
  • The emotional side of blogging

Good First Blog Post Ideas

  • Describe your target audience and why
  • Share your blog vision
  • How did you start blogging?
  • Mission statement for your blog
  • Share your why
  • Why do you blog in your niche?

Blog Post Ideas For Wellness

  • How do you stay healthy?
  • List of healthy foods you include in your diet
  • What’s the difference between self-care and soul-care?
  • Review a recent health journey (Whole30, etc)
  • From this to that for a less toxic home
  • How to slow down
  • Triggers and how to handle them
  • Mental health break- what that looks like for you
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Describe your last spiritual retreat
  • Swapping ingredients in your home
  • Learning to cook from scratch experience
  • Journal prompts for
  • What are your favorite exercises and why?
  • Things you do everyday for personal well being

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  • What is you’re biggest simple life blooper?
  • What distractions do you face when it comes to simple living?
  • What is your daily routine?
  • Best books for simple living
  • List of simple life hacks
  • First win/loss in ____ (ex: your career, on your homestead, in your kitchen)
  • Current frustration and solution on the homestead
  • List of challenges and solutions you might face in the simple life
  • Lessons learned from your lifestyle
  • Share your homestead/homemaking/homeschool vision
  • ___ by ___ simple life goals (ex: 40 by 40 or 30 by 30 simple life goals)
  • What is your morning routine?
  • What is your evening routine?
  • Do you homeschool? What does that routine look like?
  • Gardening tips
  • Natural living swaps
  • How to prioritize when you have a list of projects/to do’s

Personal Blog Post Ideas

  • Does your current lifestyle reflect your childhood or is it drastically different?
  • List of things very few people know about you
  • Top things you learned last year
  • Share your gifts
  • Share your transformation
  • Share your life vision
  • Give your audience a glimpse into your life
  • Share a personal story to motivate your audience
  • Epic failure on your journey that your readers can learn from
  • Daily go to look
  • Controversial topic and your view
  • What does healthy mean to you?
  • Share an experience that’s defined your life in some way
  • Share a personal battle you fight
  • Discuss your biggest struggle
  • Discuss your greatest victory

Creative Blog Post Ideas

  • What’s on your bucket list and why?
  • What not to do (for any topic!)
  • What was your dream when you were little? Is it the same or different now?
  • How to handle a “busier than you want it to be” schedule
  • Meet the family
  • 10 things you can’t live without
  • How do you boost creativity when you feel dry?
  • Do’s and don’ts of ____
  • Number one advice for ____
  • Post series
  • Book reviews
  • Common reader questions and answers
  • Comprehensive guide to ____
  • List of ____ for ____ (ex: must have supplies for milking a goat)
  • Checklist on how to ____ (walk your readers through the process of learning a new skill!)
  • 100 things post
  • Opinion piece
  • List of things that make you happy
  • Where do you find creative inspiration?
  • Tips for self-improvement
  • Menu planning for a simpler life
  • How to declutter for a simpler life
  • List of things you use daily
  • How to stay calm during chaos
  • Productivity tips that give you peace
  • Managing your time with time blocks
  • Simple living skills you’d like to learn

Bonus: 15 Homestead Specific Blog Post Ideas for Simple Living Bloggers!

  • How to raise dairy goats
  • Behind the scenes of the milking process
  • Processing the milk: what can you do with it?
  • Benefits to raw goat milk
  • How to care for a baby goat when mama rejects it
  • Kidding season supply list
  • Raw goat milk yogurt
  • Raw goat milk ice cream
  • Raw goat milk skin care products
  • Homestead vision and planning process
  • When animals die- processing the circle of life
  • How do you balance homesteading with “regular life”?
  • Children and chores- who does what?
  • Meet the farm- introduce your readers to all of your animals!
  • What has homesteading taught you in the last year?

notebook with pen

What idea will you write about first? Leave a comment and let me know!