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Hey, New Stay At Home Mom Friend!

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I’m Noel Bressler, wife to Travis, stay at home mom of three, and writer at heart.

I believe that stay at home moms need to actively, and deliberately, renew their mindsets and guard their thought life, in order to feel purposeful and fulfilled.

I believe that stay at home moms are in a battle with a culture that equates stay at home momming to second rate living, and in a battle with themselves, because of the lies and untruths swirling around in their minds.

And I believe that stay at home moms can cultivate a life they love as the women they were created to be.

If you’re ready to believe that, too, I’m so glad that you’re here. Welcome!

Why I write

I began this blog to find my way back to myself again. So clich√©, I know. But when you spend your every day pouring yourself out for your family, admirable and necessary as it may be, it’s easy to forget what makes you you.

It’s easy to forget that you once existed outside of momming.

So, I chose to start blogging for me. But when I began, I realized very quickly that it was really for you.

You, stay at home mom, who feels unseen, unrecognized, unheard. You, mom, who struggles with post partum depression. Yes, you, woman, who feels guilty for wanting to still be you in the roles that you fulfill.

Me too.

If you have ever compared yourself to the mom next to you, and didn’t measure up.

Me too.

You’ve felt the confusion over who you’re supposed to be now that you’re a mom?

Me too.

Ever want to tap out, quit the mom the gig for a few hours, and pretend you have no responsibilities?

Oh, sister, me. too.

So here I am, not “supposed” to need any more than what I have in motherhood, but desperately trying to, anyways, because despite how many times I’ve told myself that mothering is enough for me… the Lord has told me it is not.

And I believe the same is true for you.

We were created to be people. Moms, yes. Wonderfully, beautifully, yes. Yes and amen!

But women. With passions. Identities. Hearts beating, souls breathing, with gifts to be honed and used.

Let me inspire you to find your way back to you, and embrace who you are- mother and all. It’s not about setting motherhood aside to be your own person. It’s about bringing your personhood into how you live out your every day.

Renew your mindset. Simplify your every day.

My Stay At Home Mom Life

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In this moment, I have been married for 13.5 years to Travis, mama to Raegan for ten, mom to Finnley for 4, and mommy to Boaz for nearly 3.

I have only ever been a stay at home mom, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Honestly. Because, even the hardest days at home are better than the best days at a 9 to 5.


I haven’t always embraced my role as a stay at home mom. In fact, I once built a brand around despising all things domestic. I cringe to think of it now.

Four years ago, I showed outward disdain at anyone who would give up their alone time to homeschool their children. Three years ago, I decided to homeschool.

Four years ago, I would have scoffed at the thought of beginning a sourdough journey or making my own kombucha. Guess what I do now?

The thing is, I held resentment for my role as a stay at home mom, because I always assumed I had to be either or. Either I was a good mom or I was a good writer. Either I was a homemaker or I was a blogger.

It took three kids, a move out to the country, and a whirlwind decline into depression and self inflicted obscurity, to realize, by the grace of God, that life was meant to be lived in the and.

Instead despising one role to embrace the other, I decided to bring all of me to every role.

I used to collect high heels, impractical as they were, in an effort to hold onto “who I was.” Now, I slip into my worn out berks to collect eggs, each morning, and I’ve never felt so me.

I can help you be you again, without sacrificing your family, your faith, or your stay at home mom life.

If You Are A Stay At Home Mom, We Should Be Friends

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There was a time I was involved in building an online business, and neglecting any and all responsibilities in the home. And then there was a time I ditched the online world, despite my obvious passion and knack for it, to become the homemaker I thought I should be.

It was when I applied all that I loved and knew about running an online business, to all that I do as a mom each day, that I really hit my stride.

Let me encourage and inspire you, stay at home mom, to redefine what success- and motherhood- looks like for you.

Don’t let society tell you that spending your time on your hands and knees pretending to be a horse is a waste of time.

Don’t let mom circles tell you that letting the tv babysit your kiddos for a couple of hours every afternoon is a travesty. #thatswhatScoutisfor

I’ve graduated from a Christian Life Coaching institute, and I’ve studied personal growth every day for the last 8 years, and I want to share with you what I’ve learned about cultivating an intentional mindset, simplifying your every day, and developing a family rhythm that is uniquely yours. I don’t want you to fit a mold. I want you to create a life that feels like you: from the outfit you’re in to the dinner you serve.

There are sacrifices to be made, yes. But don’t accept the lie that the sacrifice is you.

I’ll help you understand exactly what I mean.

Hang out here, and jump on my email list, to stay connected. Find out when the newest posts are live, simple tips to help you stay at home mom like it’s your job, and ideas to encourage you to manage your mindset on the regular. Plus, my family’s little homestead is growing and you may find a llama in your inbox sometime soon. I’m just sayin, they’re pretty cute.

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